Videos: A More Interesting Way to Attract Visitors

blue sky designs can shoot and edit video to use on your web site.. Don’t need video but would like a slideshow of photos about your company set to music or narration? We can do that too. Create an informational video to loop at trade shows, play at your vendor booth, or use as a sales tool. Maybe you just need an overview of your company to embed on your website. Or maybe you’re hoping to jazz up your social media channel with a short video. Video is a great way to catch attention!

You Tube video production colorado springs blue sky designsHow to Utilize You Tube to Your Advantage

Did you know that YouTube is the second most-used search engine behind Google? YouTube is a fantastic way to get your video in front of potential customers. Let blue sky designs create a YouTube channel for your business or organization. I can film a video or put together a slideshow, upload it to your YouTube channel, and link it back to your WordPress website. Your video will be embedded into your website so your website visitors can see it without even visiting YouTube. The embedded video will reside on YouTube’s servers, which saves you bandwidth and space on your own server. If your video is on YouTube, people searching for topics related to your business could find your video and you’ll possibly gain a customer you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I can optimize your YouTube channel for the search engines, as well as for YouTube searches.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Video on Facebook

Another great way to advertise your video is to share it on your Facebook page. Everyone who “likes” your company page will see the video and can share it with their friends. If your video is interesting and informative, the proper social media “sharing” can create a buzz for your company or product. You can also add your video to your Instagram or LinkedIn profiles.

Examples of Video Production

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