What Are Responsive Designs?

Responsive design means designing websites that work well on mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and all smaller screens. We used to design primarily for mobile devices, creating one website with a desktop version, and one for a mobile device. But with the explosion of tablets like the iPad, mobile devices come in many sizes now, so responsive design is taking the place of a “phone version” of  your website.

Sometimes clients tell me that their customers don’t usually find them via a phone, but the reason might be that their website did not render well on a mobile device, so phone users didn’t bother. You also can’t forget the tablets. More and more people are connecting to the web via an iPad and frequently use a tablet more than their desktop or laptop. In some cases, tablets are replacing laptops entirely for more casual users.

How It Works

As the device gets smaller, the website detects the size of the screen and adjusts the design and components of the pages automatically. It’s set up in the programming to seamlessly detect the correct size and serve it up to the user depending on what device he is viewing the website from. As you can see in the examples below, the site looks completely different depending on the device upon which it’s viewed.

Desktop Version

website designer colorado springs responsive design


Tablet Version

website designer colorado springs responsive design

Mobile Version