I have been working with Marion from blue sky designs for over five years now and the service, support and expertise is out of this world. She has helped me determine how to work pull many different solutions into one comprehensive website. When I say this I have a shopping cart solution that works with my Point of Sale software so I only have to update my inventory in one place and it automatically shows up on my website and a widget from a Hitch Manufacturer so hitches can be looked up and purchased on my website. She worked with them and she helped me get the SEO on both that portion of my site and my main site to where we are ranking no lower than 3rd on all of our major key words in our geographic location.

If I have a request and I don’t have all the technical information, she will go above and beyond to get the answers so we can get the requirement implemented. She has also done many creative projects for us including website design and logo design with wonderful results. Anything you request of blue sky designs and Marion Zachary, rest assured you will get fast and quality results! [ visit hickmantrailer.com ]