Responsive WordPress Websites in Colorado Springs

blue sky designs specializes in web design in Colorado Springs and creates fully responsive WordPress websites that size down appropriately based on whatever size monitor or browser window you use. The websites also size down according to what device you’re using, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It further understands what orientation you are using, such as holding your phone in landscape view versus portrait view, and changes the layout of the website accordingly. This ensures you receive the best viewing experience for the type of device you’re using.

For instance, if you have a row of four photos, you would see all four photos on a desktop or laptop, but they would begin to stack one on top of the other on smaller devices, so the photos are still easy to see and click.

This responsiveness allows your site to be readable no matter how your visitor is viewing the site. In years past, when you viewed a non-responsive website, the website squeezed itself down to fit on your phone screen, making the text unreadable without zooming in (and then having to scroll left to right in order to read it). Those days are gone with a responsive website.

Another reason why it’s so important for you to have a responsive website is because Google prioritizes mobile page speed when determining how to rank your website in its results. Mobile-friendly websites that are easy to navigate (buttons don’t overlap), and easy to read (text size can be set specifically for a mobile device) will help your site rank better with the search engines.

web design in colorado springs blue sky designs
web design in colorado springs blue sky designs
web design in colorado springs blue sky designs

Looking for Web Design in Colorado Springs?

Whether you have an older site that needs a redesign, or you need a brand new WordPress website, we can help. Contact blue sky designs in Colorado Springs today for friendly customer service, and a beautiful new website.