Update Your Own Site with a Content Mangement System

Have you waited for weeks and sometimes months for your webmaster to update your site? With a WordPress content management system from blue sky designs, the wait is over. You’ll be able to update your site yourself using password-protected entry screens. You don’t have to have any HTML knowledge — we use an easy-to-use visual page builder that offers dozens of modules and designs

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Update your content and add photos, documents and graphics to your site within seconds using WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform and content management system. No more hassle, no more waiting. Your CMS allows you to easily add pages to your site, providing unlimited expandability for the future. There’s no limit to the number of pages you can add and you are in control of your own content. Wait until you see how easy it is to add content to your site!

You Don’t Have to Be a Nerd to Use a Content Management System

The great thing about the WordPress content management system is that you don’t have to be a computer nerd to understand how to use it. Your CMS is built for ease-of-use. Afraid of messing up your site by making a simple mistake? No worries. Every page of your website has a “restore” function, so if you overwrite a previous version and decide you want to undo, you can!

The visual page builder that comes with your site is very easy to use. It comes with dozens of modules, such as text boxes, slideshows, tabs, accordions (like FAQ), graphs, image galleries, headlines, interactive banners and more.

Are you planning a site with multiple pages AND sub-pages? Imagine adding pages and moving them around yourself. With a content management system, this is very easy! Each page is either a “main” page or a “sub” page. Create a new page and let the CMS know whether it’s a main page or a sub page by using a drop-down menu. And if you need to move one sub-page over to a different main page, you can do it in seconds using this drop-down menu. Imagine having to wait to have a webmaster make these small changes for you!

With a content management system, you are in control. Interested in getting a better glimpse of WordPress? If you’re looking for a WordPress designer and developer in Colorado Springs, please contact us.

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best colorado springs website design blue sky designs

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