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WordPress Will Require Users to Have HTTPS This Year

According to the Wordpress website, Wordpress will begin requiring that hosts have HTTPS available so that all Wordpress websites are encrypted and have that added layer of security. Some hosts already have moved to offering free SSL certificates with their hosting packages and others offer it for a small price, but the movement seems to be that SSL certificates will be included with most hosting plans. Learn More » Do You Need a Wordpress Website Designer in Colorado Springs? We are in Colorado Springs and specialize in Wordpress. Contact us today!

How WordPress helps your search engine ranking

Wordpress has excellent search engine optimization tactics automatically built into its platform. It creates search engine-friendly URLs and headlines, allows you to easily manipulate image tags and descriptions, and provides great content organization so your site can be indexed quickly and efficiently. That's just a few things that Wordpress does well when it comes to search engines. Wordpress creates keyword-rich URL strings A URL string is the address at which that particular page resides. For instance, the URL string for this page is: You want your individual page URLS to be very keyword-rich. The search engines love that! You might have