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How email works: the basics

Most people know how to use email but don't really understand how it works, so sometimes emails mysteriously disappear from the server and you're left scratching your head. Here's the basics of how emails work. Your email is hosted on an email server, which is separate from the server that hosts your website, in most cases. Your email server has a name for incoming mail and outgoing mail. For instance, it might look like this: Incoming: Outgoing: These are the settings you need to set up an email account in your email program, such as Outlook. You can have a POP account

Who should host my website?

I can't tell you how many times I've received phone calls from people who had a website but could no longer access it because they could not get a response out of their web designer. The top three problems usually are: The web company registered the domain name using their account and the business owner's name is no where on the domain registration. This is a real problem. Many web designers register a client's domain name on the client's behalf, but never put the client's name anywhere on the registration. This means the client has absolutely no control over the domain